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Happy as a pig in #@$%!

What makes you truly happy? What is the one thing you really wish you had more time for? The one thing that you find yourself daydreaming about whenever you have a free minute. Could be yoga, could be surfing, could be laying on a beach, reading a great book, watching the sunset.... 

For me its making! Nothing in particular and everything all at once. I wish I had more time to be creative, to sit in one spot and make something from start to finish, to find the time to really devote myself to something that is tangible, that I can see and feel and share.

I come from a long line of makers too. My German grandparents on my mothers side were forever making amazing things, often with their grandchildren in mind, or for the home, for a special occasion like christmas or birthdays. My Grandmother made a set of paper mache puppets based on a popular children's book for each of her grandchildren. She hand sewed all the clothes and hand made each of the characters accessories. They are such a treasured keepsake, when I think of how she must have laboured over them, the detail... My Grandfather loved Australia and on every visit he used to collect every gum nut and seed pod and on his return to Germany he would create these intricate framed artworks which he would gift to his family and friends. He would sit so quietly as he worked, even as a child I found this astonishing, the concentration, the precision that went into his craft.

And then there is my mum.... now she is a creative force... we spend a lot of our time together discussing the best way to make this and finish that. All of my crafty questions I direct to her... And she is the one that instilled in me a love of craft and making. All my life she has sewed and crocheted and quilted and taught and retaught me these skills. I remember making a dress for myself from a photo of her in the 60's in a dress that she had made for herself. I just think its amazing to be able to visualise and then create something with your hands. The patience and love and time that goes into making something, anything with your hands is amazing. I believe it is a really rewarding way to spend your time. Especially now when everything is digital and you can have almost anything you want with a few clicks. It is an opportunity to tune out from the digital and reconnect with yourself, or your children. One of my favourite ways to spend my time with my kids is making things with them. It can be as simple as watercolour painting, or a little more complex like teaching my 6 year old daughter to cross stitch. Im determined to foster in them a love of all things made by hand and with love. To appreciate the skills associated with making something with your hands, and relishing the experience. 

So that is what Im passionate about, that is what takes me to a happy place, and that is what I want to make available to others. So if have ever been interested in craft or making but haven't had a clear idea of where to begin, make sure you sign up to our Newsletter at the top of this page. I will be posting lots of easy and inspiring creative projects right here. And if you are already an avid crafter or maker.... leave me comment below, Id love to know what you are working on....


Kati xx

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    Kate Taylor
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  • Apr 07, 2014

    Hi Kate, your passion shines through. It spurs me on to do more.

    — Christel Dewar

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