• Get Crafty this Easter - Part 1
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Get Crafty this Easter - Part 1

Ok so this is an easy one to get us warmed up for the beginning of the school holidays and the the lead up to Easter. It doesn't require a lot of outlay and it wont even take up much of your time. But its loads of fun and your kiddies will be able to have a go as well. I imagine it will keep you busy for a good half an hour and your halfway there in terms of your lunch prep as well.

First you will need some gorgeous fresh free range eggs.... some washi tape, some stickers, some scissors and some patience, if like me you are always doing these kinds of things with three kids in tow. 

Its a good idea to boil your eggs first if you are doing this with kids. They tend to like to squeeze things too tightly I find... there will definitely be less tears when that inevitable egg rolls off the table.

You could also blow the eggs, which is what i did. Simply tap a small whole into the end of each egg, and blow the contents of the egg into a bowl. Now you have scrambled eggs for lunch and some fun decorative eggs to display at Easter time year after year. 

So now that you have assembled your tools you are ready to go. Think graphic and fun..... 

If you think this is too fiddly for your little person, you could do it yourself and surprise them with some magic eggs instead. Or perhaps they could be part of the Easter egg hunt, to add a bit of balance to the otherwise chocolate dominated day. 

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    Kate Taylor
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