• Get Crafty this Easter - Part 2
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Get Crafty this Easter - Part 2

Easter is almost here, and the school holidays have well and truly started, so lets get busy with some kids craft.... Our stitched Easter cards are gorgeous and very easy to make. They look beautiful and make a lovely handmade gift for someone special. So lets get organised, first and foremost you will need to download the stitching template here.

All you need to get started is some cardboard, coloured thread, a wool sized needle or two, your template, downloaded and printed out. I used craft card because I love the coloured thread against the brown background, but you can use what ever you like. You might also like to grab a towel to put under your cardboard for when you start punching the holes through. Once you have punched the holes of your chosen image through the card, it is time to grab your precious and undoubtedly excited little people.

My little helpers for this stitchy craft session were Maya (6) Hugo (5) and Abbie (7). The best thing about doing anything like this with kids is their enthusiasm. They chose their preferred colours, all I did was get them started, tie the knots and help them when the thread occasionally came loose from the needle. This kept them all busy for a little over an hour... and they were all really proud of their efforts at the end, which is really what it is all about... 

The kids and I used a basic backstitch to make all of these cards. This is where you begin with a basic running stitch where you start underneath, push up through 1 hole then down through the next, then up again, but this time instead of going down the next hole you double back through the previous hole, hence it is called backstitch. This ensures that there are no gaps and the embroidery looks like a continuous line. The photo below in the bottom right hand corner illustrates how Maya is about to double back with her orange zigzag stitch. 

This is a great way to teach little ones or yourself how to sew. The rigid card makes it easier to see where you next stitch is going and the results speak for themselves. All I can say is that you should never underestimate your little people! They are amazing and can do amazing things..... 


I hope you feel inspired to get a little hands on these holidays, and get to spend some lovely time either making for your own satisfaction or with your kids. Have a lovely Easter and stay tuned for more gorgeous, easy and fun craft ideas.... 

If you have enjoyed this craft session, make sure you share it around. And if you take the time to get crafty this week, Id love to know how you got on with this tutorial? Were there kids involved? Did they love it? Make sure you add your comments below. And don't forget to document your craft, be proud and Instagram it! Just make sure you tag me @kateteylorandcloth and #taylorandclothcraft

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    Kate Taylor
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