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DIY Stitch Kit


I put this very special kit together for the Blog Society and Unleash Creative Sydney goodie bags. After a day of crafting, i wanted all those who attended to continue their creative journeys at home. The kit included pre-punched kraft card, needle and thread..... and a cute hand screen printed canvas bag... somewhere to keep all those crafty bits!

If you were lucky enough to attend Unleash Creative Sydney, congrats, I bet you had a ball.... and as promised I have created a short stitching tutorial, just incase you are not familiar with the stitch used to create the final artwork. Introducing BACK STITCH!

Back stitch is a very basic stitch and ideal if you want to stitch in a solid line. I have found that it is a great stitch to start with, easy to do and very effective. Below I have included a series of images taking you through the stitch step by step. 

My 7 year old daughter has been kind enough to model for me, she has become an expert at it. I love watching her casually look around the room and chat as she is sewing now... she has become quite proficient.

Ok so first things first, grab your piece of card with holes already punched. You will need to cut your thread.... I usually cut mine about an arms length... any longer and it is likely to get tangled... Thread your needle and put a knot at the end so the thread won't pull all the way through the card.

You can start wherever you like, but following the letters around will mean you use less thread. Push the needle through the first hole......

 and down the next...... pulling the thread tight as you go. 

Now as you come up the next hole you will notice that you have a gap in your line. 

This is where the 'back stitch' comes into play.....

You now stitch back into the previous hole... filling in the gap.....remember to pull the thread tight again.

Thread the needle through the next hole and then back into the previous stitch. Now its just a matter of repeating this until you come to the end of your thread. 

When you are ready to tie off, make sure you thread your needle through a stitch at the back of your card... don't just try to tie the end in a knot, you wont be able to get it in the right spot and that means your stitching at the front will go slack. If you have any questions regarding this mini tutorial, the kit itself or anything else on your mind... just add them to the comments section below. I would love to hear from you, especially if you were at Unleash Creative Sydney and have finished your stitching artwork. 

Make sure you take a photo as well, finished product or work in progress and Instagram it... Don't forget to give me a shout out @katetaylorandcloth and #taylorandcloth and #unleashcreativesydney, so we can see how amazing you are!!!!

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    Kate Taylor
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