• You're going to make your Mama cry.....
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You're going to make your Mama cry.....


These are the words that best describe my Mama, and this is the gift I made and gave to my Mama last Mother's Day. I had taken this beautiful photograph of her on New Years Eve and I wanted to let her know exactly how I felt about her and how appreciative I was about everything she has ever given and done for me. And the list is endless..... 

In terms of materials and ability this project is easy... A beautiful photograph, some pens, a frame and some heart felt words. 

Make sure your photograph has a fairly plain background, if there is too much going on it will become confusing. I printed this photograph out on normal A4 paper, so I could use normal pens to write on it. I used the white pen on the darker areas in the background and the light blue where the sky is behind her. 

I picked out a few key words like CREATIVE, CARING, LOVING and OMA and wrote these around the photo in capital letters, horizontally. Then I repeated all of my chosen words as I wrote around my Mama following her shape. I separated every word with small dot. 

It was seriously that easy... And the reaction I got from my Mama was tears of happiness. It doesn't take much express to someone really special how you feel about them. And while being grateful for the amazing people in your life should happen daily, its nice to be able to do something extra special on a day like Mother's Day. So Mama if you're reading this.... you're the best!!!! And you should see what I have for you this year.... More heart felt handmade goodness....xx

What are you making or giving your Mama this May 11th? Let me know in the comments section below.... And don't forget, if you try your hand at this crafty project please make sure you Instagram it and give me a shout out @katetaylorandcloth and #taylorandclothdiy. 

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