• The return of Snail Mail!
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The return of Snail Mail!

Two things:

1: My mum has been in China for the last week and wont be back for another 5 days......this has allowed me a whole extra week to get organised for Mother's Day.... Bonus right?

2: Im still totally on a high from Unleash Creative Sydney! Im totally crushing on Rin of Papered Thoughts and her amazing campaign to 'Send More Mail!' What an inspiring chick and what a great idea..... 

Put these 2 things together as well as the fact that I can include our kids, and Im once again taken to 'My Happy Place'. Basically I get to make and gift, and I get extra time to do it.... Yay!

So, my Mama has family in Germany, and while they telephone often, they also write to each other. So this year I have endeavoured to make my mum her very own set of stationery.... Oh and a card of course... cause handmade cards say I love you!

These are the tools that I used to make my stationery, but the possibilities are endless. And you only need to check out the Rin's blog or the Unleash Creative #ucsyd on Instagram to get inspired. And don't forget to check out last weeks blog post for my favourite pics from the event.

Now this is where I involve the kids.... 6 hands are better than 2!

We stamped and washi'd, and using an unfolded envelope as a template we made envelopes that will not get lost in the mail. 

The finished products......

The writing paper itself was super fun to make, especially with 3 very willing little participants, more washi, stickers and patience. 

Put it all together......LOVE!

Last but not least, the card... 

Thanks to my gorgeous little helpers... You're Omi is going to love this.

Thanks again to Rin of Papered Thoughts for the inspiration..... Id love to know what you think?

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    Kate Taylor
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