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Pin it! The old fashioned way......

I absolutely love Pinterest.... LOVE IT! But I also love the old fashioned way of flipping through mags, ripping out images I love and pinning them on my pin board.

I felt like my daughters room was lacking in somewhere for her to pin her important notes, drawings, artworks, photographs so I set about creating her a pair of matching pin boards to do just that.

Now if you haven't already noticed, I like my craft easy, fast and effective. A lot of punch for relatively little effort. Maybe its because so much of what I make is either with my 3 kids or in the very limited amount of time I have, due to being a mother of 3. Whatever the reason, I know that if I don't get it done in one sitting... it ain't gonna get done at all. 

So lets get started... You will need:

I have used 2 x cork pin boards from Ikea, they also come with clear pins which is great. I chose to use 2 different patterned pink Washi Tapes, pink pompoms, pink gardeners twine and 4 little looped eyelets to hang the pin boards. I also used a hammer and small nail to make a small pilot hole for the eyelets to screw into, a Stanley knife and some craft glue, but these were neither pink nor aesthetically pleasing so I chose not to photograph them here. 

I started by running the first Washi tape along the top and bottom of each pin board. I actually ran 2 lengths of tape along each edge. Firstly along the top edge and secondly along the front edge. This just ensures that you have full coverage from all angles. 

I used the second along the sides. 

Once you are this far, you can first make the pilot holes in the tops of the pin boards with the hammer and small nail, and screw the looped eyelets in to the tops.

Then grab you craft glue and start glueing your pompom length along the bottom of the boards.... like so.

Ohh lala.. nearly there now, just cut 2 equal lengths of the pink gardeners twine and tie to the looped eyelets. Easy as!

Now just find the perfect spot for them and start pinning Old Skool! Or like a seven year old, depending on who is doing the pinning........xx

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I would love to know how many of you love pinning Old Skool as well as New Skool, so comment below, check out Taylor + cloth on Pinterest and let me know your Pinterest page and Ill check it out!


Happy pinning people.......xx

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    Kate Taylor
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