• Fabric + Pens = a mum's best friend - Part 1
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Fabric + Pens = a mum's best friend - Part 1

I really love IKEA! Sometimes I just like to wonder around the store.... especially when the mess at my own place is taking over and I can't face it. It makes me feel inspired to re-organise and tidy..... you get the gist. The other thing that I love about IKEA are the endless and reasonably priced possibilities..... On a recent trip I came across this gorgeous fabric and along side it, these fabric pens. Ok so this is IKEA's idea, and its a great one. Meters and meters of cute illustrations, coloured pens and endless hours of kid fun. And thats only the first half of the exercise, hence the Part 1!

I kept this one under wraps for a couple of weeks, until rainy weather had set in and the whole family had no desire to get out of their PJ's on a Sunday morning. I spread out 3m of illustrated fabric, gave the kids a handful of fabric pens and said go for it. Now our kids range in age from 3 to 7 these days... and this was one craft exercise for all ages and abilities.

And the best thing was, that they loved it. It kept them busy for a good hour to begin with, moving around the fabric as they pleased, colouring lighthouses, airplanes, animals and anything else you can think of. And they kept coming back to it throughout the day as well.  

And its a great activity for the whole family, Dad and I getting down and colouring as well. (I made a point of not photographing us in our PJ's for you)

The other thing that is great about this is that you end up with this totally unique piece of fabric, which is imbued with all these memories and meaning and you get to make more really cool stuff from it. Im thinking library bags, cushion covers, wall hangings or flags (its no secret that we love those), placemats, table runners, napkins....... the list is endless. 

Oh and we managed to not have 1 single argument over pens or colours or a spot on the fabric.... Ok maybe 1, but that was it, and with 3 kids that is pretty amazing. 

So if you have kids and you need an indoor activity, especially in the coming colder months, I can highly recommend this. And of course this would work on any monochromatic piece of fabric, with any fabric brand of fabric pen. 

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Let me know in the comments section below what you think I should make with this 1 of a kind piece of fabric.

If you decide to try this at home do make sure you save it for posterity and share it with the world of course.... put it on Instagram and give me a shout out @katetaylorandcloth and don't forget to #taylorandclothdiy.

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