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My Top 10 Essential Craft Tools

In no particular order, these are the craft tools that I use everyday... my 'Go to' tools if you like, just playing around with them gives me ideas for my next craft project or product.

  1. Off cuts and material scraps, I rarely throw things out.... I try where I can to reuse. You never know when you might need a piece of material to wrap a present, tie a present, sew a cushion.... 
  2. Washi Tape, I love it... my collection is looking a little light-on at the moment, I had better order some more! This stuff is great for wrapping, decorating, making cards, you can use it on walls and doors and it comes in every colour and pattern you could ever imagine. 
  3. Twine, cotton twine and paper twine.... or string. Again, wrapping, tying, hanging and knotting, its all so much more fun with coloured and patterned twine or string.
  4. Stanley knife, just a cheapy from the hardware store, one that you can snap off the end of the blade as it gets dull and replace the whole blade once you have reached the end. I use this for making my stencils for screen printing, cutting cardboard, anything that needs to be accurate or I need to cut multiples of.
  5. Paper and cardboard, I love craft card, the recycled brown card you can get. I just love the colour and the fact that its recycled. Coloured and patterned paper is the best, Its inspiring in itself, I always get craft ideas just looking and playing around with it.
  6. Pens, nothing too fancy here, mostly black felt tip pens, I like Artline200 Fine 0.4 for writing and drawing, but for something a little more fancy I love the Kikki K coloured pens. 
  7. Scissors, no surprise there.... I have Ikea fabric scissors for all things fabric and then some smaller ones for threads, paper, string/twine. 
  8. Metal ruler and measuring tape. The metal ruler is imperative if you are using a Stanley knife to do any cutting... and the measuring tape is great for measuring fabrics, macrame, string/twine and you can hang it around your neck so its easy to find most of the time. 
  9. Self healing cutting matt, another imperative tool if you are using a Stanley knife to cut things. Get one with rulers down the sides, you will be surprised how much you use it. 
  10. Stamps, this only some of the stamps I own and use regularly. They are so versatile, fun for the kids, you can use them educationally. Not a day goes by when either the kids or I aren't using these, or our number stamps. 

I can recommend all of these tools. If you want to be more creative day to day, it will definitely help if you have the right tools and materials around to inspire you. How could you look at all these gorgeous things and not feel inspired to create. 

What are you're favourite creative tool? Im always looking to add to my collection of inspiring things.

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    Kate Taylor
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