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Potato Stamps = Holiday Fun

School holidays are here again and its time to get your hands dirty. There is nothing new about potato stamping, but its easy, always fun and ideal when you have a large group of kids that you want to keep entertained. 

Im not sure about you, but we have 3 kids and it seems that most of our friends have 2 or 3 kids also, so when we get together there are usually 6 to 8 kids ranging in ages from 2 - 8 years of age running around. Its chaos most of the time and very loud to say the least, but with a little bit of preparation you can keep the majority of kids busy for at least some of the time. 

I made the stamps on my own, without the kids around. Its something that they can definitely be involved in especially if you are using cookie cutters like I did. I had a couple of hours without kids however so I did most of the prep before everyone arrived.

Once they arrived and saw what was on offer, there was no holding them back. They all got straight in there and filled a couple of large sheets of brown paper in no time at all. If you are looking for a clean craft activity, this is not it by the way. As the afternoon wore on and they started helping themselves to the paint, it became increasingly messier. Im ok with this kind of play some of the time... I try not to be too precious and have plenty of wipes on hand. It helps to do this kind of thing outside as well. 

The finished product hanging on our clothes line to dry.....

Now the really great thing with this activity is that you keep your kids entertained for a good hour and you end up with some gorgeous wrapping paper to use at a later date. It just so happens that we have a party coming up..... guess what? Its all sorted... and very cost effective. 

The only thing left is to make the card!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to get messy with your kids.... I'd also love to see your potato stamping efforts. Don't forget to comment below and if you haven't already signed up to our Weekly Newsletter you can do that below as well.

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    Kate Taylor
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