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Postcards from Yesterday

I love creating excuses for my children to craft and make things. And if it allows me to get creative as well Im even happier.

This exercise allowed us to use some of my favourite crafting tools. Craft cardboard, stamps, stickers, Stanley knife, metal ruler, self healing cutting matt and a little creativity. 

Just download your postcard template here. And start creating...... 

I have left this little crafting exercise on the table for a week now... and I have found my kids coming up regularly and creating a postcard off their own bat.

Its a really lovely activity because it encourages them to think about other people, their friends and family, how they are grateful for them and perhaps how they can do something, be it small to make them happy. 

What do you do with your kids to get them to appreciate and think about their friends and family more? I'd love to know..... you can comment below. 

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    Kate Taylor
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