• Kids Paperwork sorted......
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Kids Paperwork sorted......

I don't know about you, but filing is my least favourite thing to do.... it even comes after vacuuming the house. So needless to say I put it off. I haven't filed the kids paperwork in 2 Years.... Yep you heard me right. So this week I decided to make it a little more fun by making it a creative endeavour instead of just a chore. The idea being that if I make it look fun and interesting, I will only have to do it this once and the kids will want to file and vet their own drawing's and schoolwork from now on. Wishful thinking? Maybe but I thought it was worth a try. 

  1. Get some folders, let them choose their own colour and make sure they have plenty of plastic inserts!
  2. Print out some stickers to personalise their folders. Matchy, matchy or not.... whatever takes your fancy. 
  3. Get filing!!!! Argh.... it didn't take as long as i thought it would, which is good. It cant take you more than a couple of hours or you will put it away and never look at it again.


The outcome..... so far so good. Our 7 year old loves her folder, flicking through her schoolwork, drawings and awards from last year and this year, she is even adding new drawings to her folder as she does them. The boys are a little less interested at this stage, but it has certainly made my life a little easier. And I don't feel guilty about moving their pile's of paperwork from the kitchen table to the cupboard every month.... Now if you have any advice on home filing system, Id love to hear them, because honestly, I can't face it.... 

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