• Pineapple Potato Stamps
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    Kate Taylor
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Pineapple Potato Stamps

Last week, my daughter and I revisited the old potato stamping, and took it to the next level.  These gorgeous pineapple potato stamps took no time to make...and came up a treat. Don't you agree? We then went around the house and found anything plain and white and covered them in dancing pineapples. A plain white cushion cover, a white t-shirt, a white tea towel..... and some plain white cotton material.... just for fun. 

Maya decorated the cushion cover to add to her cushion collection in her room......

Although I think it would look pretty good in the living room too.....

It does look great with her hand screen printed 'Dream Big Kid' flag and personalised pillowcase though.... we might have to share it. 

I do have a pineapple tea towel however, and Maya's pineapple t-shirt will be perfect when the warmer weather comes around. 

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If you decide to give this one a go, Id love to hear how it all works out. What other simple fruits could you stamp? Comment below.....


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    Kate Taylor
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Comments on this post ( 2 )

  • Jul 26, 2015

    Hi Lore,

    A slow and steady hand….. thats it really. I used the smaller knife and always cut across the whole potato with the flat of the knife if that makes sense? I never used the tip to cut into the potato. I held the half potato in my left hand while I cut. If you are worried about cutting your hand perhaps you could hold the potato with a tea towel. I hope this helps….. And Im so glad you enjoy the blog…. you have made my day!

    Kate xx

    — Kate Taylor

  • Jul 24, 2015

    Your blog is so much fun! And these stamps are realy cute too :) I was just wondering how you managed to cut the shape out so nice?

    — Lore

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