• Pirates say Arrrrrgh!
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Pirates say Arrrrrgh!

If you are a parent you will no doubt be busy making, organising, borrowing and wrangling dress up costumes at the moment. Book Week, Assembly, Extravaganzas, Halloween, your list may include others. This week I have a total of 5 costumes to make or put together.

No 1: The Pirate costume!

Both our big kids are in a number at the School Musical Extravaganza that requires them to dress up as pirates. 

Like many families we have collected a selection of dress up costumes over the years, so my first point of call is to check the toy box and see what we could use. I also checked their wardrobes for appropriate clothing.... I found brown boots, a black skirt, a red shawl, black and white striped leggings and ripped brown pirate pants (a little small, but we will run with it). Not bad for a first look. 

What do we still need?

If you're like me, writing a list is the easiest way to get organised and feel on top of things... so the next thing I did was fill in my Plan It, Draw It, Make It sheet and get planning. 

  • stripy bandanas
  • stripy sash
  • pirate weapons
  • eye patches
  • a gold earring
  • scull and crossbones

Being a screen-printer I quickly cut out a scull and crossbones image, grabbed some of the kid's plain long sleeved shirts and got printing. 

This was the easiest and quickest way for me to print these t-shirts, but even if you don't have a silk screen and squeegee on hand you can still make this easily with fabric paint and a sponge. Just dab the area within the stencil gently until it is covered with paint, remove the stencil and allow to dry. While you want to cover the material within the stencil, you don't want the paint to be too thick.... Iron the print well once the image has dried to heat set the paint. 

Now I only needed 2 t-shirts but with 3 kids its always easier just to make 3 of everything.... And our youngest has worn his pirate t-shirt almost everyday since I made it.  

For the bandanas and sash, I bought 2 metres of red and white striped material and cut it into squares and rectangles. The squares measure 60cm x 60cm, the rectangle measures 150cm x 30cm. I haven't bothered to hem these as Im a time poor mum and I didn't think it necessary.......hehe!

The only thing left to find is a couple of kids with a bit of attitude... I have 3 but only 2 were willing to perform!

So if you are looking for a simple and fun costume this Halloween/Book Week Season.....  

Do your kids dress up for Halloween? Or is Book Week bigger in your neck of the woods? I would love to see your DIY costume..... Comment below!

Have fun with it!

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    Kate Taylor
  • CostumescraftHalloweenTutorial

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