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DIY Tin Planters

School holidays are happening.... like next week! Don't worry here's an easy project to keep the kids occupied for a half a day.. Loads of fun and easy peasy.... 

Got any Milo tins hanging around the place? Washi Tape? A bit of string? Hammer and Nail? Scissors? Sorted... Oh and I just took some cuttings from my succulents in the garden to use in these gorgeous hanging planters. 

Start by hammering some holes around the top edge of your tins. I did 6 holes in each tin, spaced as the arrows show in the above photo. 

Its really easy but "Disclaimer" an adult should probably do this bit. I just lay it flat on the floor and braced the tin with my knees and started tapping away. 

Time to start decorating.... If you don't have Washi tape, grab some masking tape, mark up some shapes or stripes and grab some paint... This is the no mess version. 

Now grab your string, you will need 3 x 2m lengths per tin, but again this is up to you and how long you want the planter to hang. I looped each piece of string through each pair of holes and tied them altogether in a loop knot at the top, for easy hanging.


They look so great, colourful and fun and you can easily add to your collection as more pots become available. 

These gorgeous succulents are all cuttings from established plants already in our garden... and all do really well in a sunny position indoors with minimal watering and attention. They are also slow growing so they wont outgrow their home any time soon.  

Happy Days, now just find a corner that needs a little brightening up!




Let me know how you go.... Did you paint or Washi? Did the kids get involved or did you have a little me time? Make sure you tag me in on your successes @katetaylorandcloth on Instagram, #taylorandclothdiy

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments section below or you can email me direct at kate@taylorandcloth.com.au, and make sure you sign up to our weekly newsletter. Its the easiest way to make sure you stay up to date with all our DIY tutorials as well as getting all the inside information on SALES and new products. 

Happy Making!

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    Kate Taylor
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