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DIY Embroidery Hoop Art

There is nothing quite like sitting down with a needle and thread and an embroidery hoop. It can be calming and almost meditative.... and you can create all kinds of cute pieces for your wall!

You will need a selection of hoops, some white cotton material, some coloured thread, a needle and a little imagination. This project is great for using up your offcuts of material and left over thread, of which I have heaps.

Separate the hoops and stretch the material over the inner hoop.... now replace the outer hoop over the material and tighten. Make sure you stretch the material from all sides of the hoop so thats its nice and tight. 

The rest is up to you.... I used a pencil and very lightly marked out the design on each of the hoops. then I just traced over the pencil with the stitches. The outcome is.......... you guessed it... awesome!

 Lastly I trimmed all the excess material from around the hoops before hanging..... 

So next time you need a little down time, or you just want to do something for yourself.... give this ago. And make sure you let me know how you go... 

If you are new to embroidery you can check out this tutorial I did with our big girl, where she learnt how to do a basic backstitch. If you are looking for a course make sure you check out Megan Morton's The School. I did an amazing embroidery course there about a year ago now with two very amazingly talented and lovely ladies, Em from Little Tienda and Steph from This Brown Wren.

I hope you have enjoyed this little DIY project... If you have any questions or comments you can add them below or email me direct. 

I would love to see what amazing things you create so please share them with me on Instagram, and give me a shout out @katetaylorandcloth and #taylorandclothdiy. 

Happy Making!

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    Kate Taylor
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