• DIY cloud placemats & coasters
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DIY cloud placemats & coasters

Are you ready for a little DIY fun that will transform the dinner table and have the kids begging to set the table.... well I can dream can't I? These super easy and fun cork placemats and coasters are quick to make and look really cute.... you could even personalise them if you have time.... 

Just grab yourself some affordable cork placemats, like these ones I bought from IKEA. 

Draw your simple (or complex) design on one side......

Grab your cutting mat and stanley knife and very slowly and carefully cut around the outline you have drawn.

Gorgeous..... don't you think? Now use the off cuts to trace your design on the remaining placemats. Make sure you don't trace around the finished product though as this will more than likely leave a mark on your placemat! 

Once you are all done just grab some spare hands to help set the table and you are all ready to share a meal with your nearest and dearest.

Add a bit of fun to dinner time or theme your placemats and coasters for a special event.... Im thinking kids birthday parties or Christmas... The possibilities are endless!  

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I would love to see how you theme your placemats too, so if you give this DIY a try make sure you post it on Instagram and tag me @katetaylorandcloth and #taylorandclothdiy 

Happy Making!

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    Kate Taylor
  • craftDIYHoliday CraftPartyTutorial

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