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All hung up!

So you have received you gorgeous handmade macrame plant hanger in the mail...... now what? Easy, read on for a step by step guide on how to hang it! 

You will need a drill, a spring toggle able to hold 10kgs (available at any hardware store) and a large hook, this one is from IKEA. 

I thought I would show you a close up of the spring toggle. The idea is that you drill a hole in the ceiling, push the collapsible toggles up into the hole, the toggles spring open and ensure the hook wont fall back through the hole. Very clever!

Now to begin..... decide where you want to hang your plant hanger and drill a preliminary whole.

This hole will not be big enough to push the toggle through so you will have to enlarge it. I drilled another hole right next to the first and using the spinning drill worked on the edges of the hole until it was big enough.

Once your hole is big enough, push your spring toggle far enough into the hole that the wings can spring up and catch.

Now you are ready to tighten your spring toggle so the washer covers the hole you have made.... Make sure you pull gently on the hook as you twist it so that the wings anchor themselves on the top of the ceiling.

Wah la! You are now ready to hang your macrame hanger.....

Now find the perfect pot and indoor plant and bring the outdoors in! 

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Happy making!


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    Kate Taylor
  • DIYHow to:Tutorial

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