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    Kate Taylor
Painted Bread Boards

I have loved painted bread boards ever since I first saw them on Jamie's 15 Minute Meals. And with Mother's Day just around the corner I thought I would finally give it a go myself.... All you need is the right paint, some bread boards, a couple of paint brushes and some masking tape....and if you want to be a little bit tricky, a stanley knife and metal ruler.

Finding the right paint to use was the most difficult part of this DIY. And even though I chose a low voc one, I won't be putting food directly onto the paint or scratching the painted surface with a knife... 

All you need to do now is get your bread boards, I used a mixture of old and new. The small new ones are from Ikea. They are bamboo and very reasonably priced. The others are bread boards that I already had at home. And don't forget the wooden spoons..... Use the masking tape to mask the shapes and patterns you want to paint. I used a stanley knife and metal ruler to make the thin parallel lines and the arrow shape. Just remember not to press too hard or you will score your boards.

Now to start painting! Always my favourite part.......

I Tried not to paint over the same spot too often as the paint will bleed under the masking tape if you do. I also removed the tape as soon as I finished painting each board, I didn't wait for the paint to dry. That way if there was any bleeding i could gently remove it with the stanley knife before it dried. 

And here are the finished products...... 

Spots, arrows and stripes...... you can never go wrong!

And you can make your designs as intricate or simple as you like.... both look gorgeous and paired with your favourite tea cups or a lovely piece of cake.... Well that sounds like the perfect afternoon.

And now I have Mother's Day all sorted... everyone (i.e. my mum and mother in-law) is getting a hand painted bread board, wooden spoon and a loaf of homemade banana bread! 

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Happy Making!

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    Kate Taylor

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