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DIY Statement Cushions

You can never have too much colour or pattern! Well thats what I think anyway. I love colour, I love to be surrounded by it, it just makes me so happy.... And pattern, chevron, dots, stripes, preferably a mixture....Im in heaven. 

Now I need to be honest with you. This blog post came about due to my complete dissatisfaction with our lounge room. I was over the old rug, the cushions were bland, I had no love for it and it showed. And then one day at the end of April we moved all the furniture out of the room for my daughters Disco party. And when we moved the furniture back in, magic happened! We rearranged it in a way I had never considered, ditched the rug, moved the coffee table into the centre of the room and I fell in love with the space again. 

The new Ikea rug is striking and a really beautiful way to add monochrome to an otherwise colour laden room. I think it grounds the whole setting. The other stand out pieces are of course the gorgeous Anya Brock linen cushion that I got for Mother's Day this year, along with the very affordable Kmart plant stand and plant bag, that found their way into my trolley one day. Oooops! 

I picked up these plain cushion covers from Ikea on my last visit, not really sure what I wanted to do with them at the time, but I had some old cushion inserts that needed covering.

Now I only bought 4 cushion covers, but because I love things that are versatile I decided to paint different designs on either side... that way I can easily change things around, keep it fresh, mix and match. 

While I love to screen print... this time I decided to get the paint brushes out and go freehand. I used my screen printing water-based inks, but you could use any fabric paint from your local craft store. They come in every colour you could ever want....

I love a bit of chevron, so that is what I started with, and I tried to pick colours that would compliment my Anya Brock cushion.... but I also choose a couple of colours to contrast... cause thats just how i roll!

Polka dots are awesome.... so some yellow dots were next. And the great thing about these cushions are the imperfections in the painting. If you look closely the edges are fuzzy and the paint is uneven, but I love this. It also means that the painting is fun and not stressful, as the last thing I was aiming for was straight lines and perfectly round dots. 

Next.... crosses! With this cushion I tried to tie it back to the monochrome rug. With a hit of colour of course.

With this one I went a little crazy.... and I love the way it turned out.  

Last but not least good old hot pink chevron.

Now for the fun part, arranging your new cushions differently everyday for the next year.... because I painted so many different patterns there are endless possibilities in terms of combinations. And don't you just love the YAY cushion, who doesn't love a little text on their homewares these days? 

I have also included some of my own Taylor + cloth crocheted cushions into the mix.... for a little more colour and texture!

Now tell me looking at this everyday wouldn't put a massive smile on your face. They were easy to make, the possibilities are endless and very reasonably priced. There's nothing like pairing your investment pieces with something you have made yourself.... 

I hope you have enjoyed this post... please share with me any images of your finished products on Instagram and remember to give me a shout out @katetaylorandcloth and #taylorandclothdiy

Any question you can enter them below.... or feel free to contact me direct at kate@taylorandcloth.com.au

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Happy making!


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    Kate Taylor

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