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DIY Wooden Bead Trivet

Easy to make + neon + homewares..... just a few of my favourite things.  Don't worry Im not going to get all 'the hills are alive' although I do love a musical. Its just that this DIY Beaded Trivet is seriously ease and super cute. So lets begin. 

You will need:

  • Natural wooden beads - 15 for the large trivet and 9 for each of the small. I bought these on etsy from Heart Supplies.
  • A paintbrush.
  • Neon paint - I bought mine from IKEA.
  • And some sort of string - this could be just plain string but I used this neon pink nylon cord from Blank Goods.

When you start painting you might also like to grab a wooden skewer to thread your beads onto, it makes it a little easier and a little less messy. 

You can paint your beads any way you like..... 

Don't forget to let them dry.....

Now you can string them together..... tightly!

And I love the way the big and small trivets can be nestled into one another.  

Not all you need to do is brew your favourite cup of tea and enjoy!

How lovely do they look? And how quick and easy to make. Now put your feet up and have a cuppa. And while your'e there, why not sign up to our newsletter below, its the best way to stay up to date with all the latest at Taylor + cloth as well as having the crafty and DIY goodness delivered straight to your inbox every fortnight. 

Happy Making!


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    Kate Taylor
  • craftDIYTutorial

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