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DIY Clay Ring holders

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of Jewellery. Mostly rings, and when Im not wearing them I find them all over the house... and more often than not when I want to wear a certain one, I can't find it! Solution? Place many DIY clay ring holders strategically around the house, so whenever I take a ring off, I have somewhere to put it..... pretty clever huh?!? Ok so maybe it's basic organisational skills.... and maybe that is not my forte, but guess what, craft is.... so lets get on with this. 

This is a 2 parter..... only because you need to leave the air dry clay to dry for at least 24 hours before painting. 

You will need:

  • Air drying clay
  • a knife
  • some water

Later you will need:

  • your choice of paints, I used neon, water based paints from IKEA 

With damp hands mould a small piece of the air dry clay into this kind of shape.... the water allowed for a smooth finish and also meant I could smooth over any cracks.

Next I cut off the end, so the ring holder has a flat base to stand on. I also smoothed the edges a little.

Make as many as you would like, and allow to dry in a safe spot for at least 24 hours.

Now its time to paint..... I chose to use my paints from IKEA, they are water based and come in great neon and metallic colours.

Spots are awesome and easy to do. 

I did neon spots...... 

Neon and gold spots........

And golden capped mountain tops.......

And Im really happy with the way they turned out! Super cute, super easy, super fun.....  

And a great way to display, organise and keep safe my rings.

And the gold capped mountain topped, ring holders look great with my rose gold rings. 

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Happy Making!

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    Kate Taylor
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