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Advent Calendar Pillowcases

Advent Calendar pillowcase Christmas

There is less then a week left until the start of December. That means it is well and truly time to get organised for Christmas. I love all the traditions that go along with Christmas especially the ones that build the excitement and anticipation like an Advent Calendar. 

Today I wanted to share one of my projects from my 'Merry Making' Christmas Craft Ebook which can buy in full here. Its my 'Advent Calendar Pillowcase' and its perfect for big and little kids who want to get a little bit creative in the lead up to Christmas.

All you need is a plain white pillowcase, some fabric markers and the template below printed out at A3 for a guide. 

Now I drew mine free hand, but you can draw a faint outline with a lead pencil if you like and rub out the lines later. Just remember that there is no right or wrong here, your lines don't need to be straight or your lettering perfect.... These so called imperfections are what is going to give your Advent Calendar Pillowcase it's charm.

Close up colouring Advent Calendar pillowcase

Now you are ready to start building the anticipation of the coming Christmas. You can make a real ritual of it at bed time… have your fabric markers at the ready on the bedside table…. and colour in a flag before you go to bed every night. 

Coloured Advent Calendar Pillowcase

Bed time has never been so exciting.

Advent Calendar Pillowcase Colour in

If you are looking for some more Christmas Craft goodness, make sure you check out my Ebook 'Merry Making'. Its available for download here.

Christmas Craft and DIY projects Ebook

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    Kate Taylor

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