Our Story

Hi there, my name is Kate, and Im the lady behind Taylor + cloth.

I love craft and I love to make...  I screen print, I sew, I macrame and I crochet... I love making things for the people I love.... Thats not to say that Im doing it alone though.... I have some very important people motivating and helping me....

My gorgeous husband and our three beautiful children, are the ones that inspire me daily to be creative and create. The products that you will see on this site have been inspired by and created for our home and our family. They are things that I couldn't find anywhere else..... If you visit the blog you will from time to time get to see a little of our world and our home and in time you will probably get to know the family as well. Everything has been made first and foremost for our home, and I guess I just got to a point where I thought other people might like some of these hand made goodies for their homes and families too. 

The products on this site are made by a number of different people... From myself and my amazing and creative Mama here in the heart of Marrickville, to India and Nepal, where a number of local crafts people are helping Taylor + cloth to make beautiful handmade homewares, all Fair Trade of course. I will try and let you know as you wander through the site, by who and where the particular items have been made. As we are doing so much of this ourselves though, most products are made in small quantities. Don't worry though, if something is 'sold out' we are more than likely working hard on the next batch. If you want to know when something might be back in stock please email me direct at kate@taylorandcloth.com.au. 

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If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me direct at kate@taylorandcloth.com.au  

In the mean time, please take your time looking over the site, there are lots of lovely goodies to take home.... enjoy xx